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Dream Makers is an eSports club founded in 2021 with a double objective, to create professional video game teams with a high competitive level and to improve, as much as possible, the society in which we live.

For the composition of competitive teams, professional treatment and regulation will always be applied to maintain a healthy and fair coexistence for all parties. The necessary tools will be provided for the proper functioning of the team and for the well-being of all the people who make it up. It will also be a priority for the club to provide space for training, with the aim of facilitating professional and / or personal growth for the team members.

To achieve the objective of having a positive impact on society, different actions will be developed focused on this fulfillment. Some of them will be carried out as a club; cooperate with associations or organisations in which we can contribute value, being it economic, promotional, informative, etc … Other social actions will be aimed at the active participation of all members of the club , from players to management positions.

Taking into account all the above, we define our values:

Company values:

The company bases its professional activity around the following
fundamental values:

The company bases its professional activity around the following fundamental values:



Work to achieve a high degree of requirements in all areas of our activity, both in competitive and corporate.
Offer a high degree of professionalism in all labor relations in which the company is involved.

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Social responsibility

Be aware of the social and environmental reality of our surrounding and how we can contribute from our position to improve the well-being of people and the planet.
Do small efforts to contribute to a greater good. Think globally, and act locally.



Be open and consistent with our ideas and values. Act with maximum transparency in all professional relationships in which the company is involved.



Strongly advocate for equal opportunities without discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, nationality, age or disability. Making tolerance and diversity the norm of our day to day.

Human team values:

The company bases its sport activity around the following
fundamental values:

The company bases its sport activity around the following fundamental values:


Respect for people

Respect is above any competition or activity, teammates, opponents, public, organizers, etc … Respect is a fundamental value for our club.

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Work hard to achieve the goals we set ourselves with the highest quality and satisfaction.

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Continuous learning

Provide the necessary tools to the team to continue adding knowledge. Learn from new experiences and see defeats as opportunities for future success.

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Help and collaborate with those around you, in order to achieve more ambitious goals. Collaborating with teammates makes the team move forward and improve. Working with other people allows you to get rich, learn and grow as a person.


We want anyone in the Dream Makers family to identify with this vision and personal concerns and have the will to try to help and improve the lives of others.

For Dream Makers, the most important thing is people and we want to accompany them so that they can achieve their goals and achieve success together.

Dream Makers is to respect, compete and improve.

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